From the Aspen slopes to Vail Village, proposals are my jam. Proposals can be scary and a lot of stress so I am here to help document and plan every step of the way for you. We now offer video coverage!



"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

When harry met sally

LET's CHat & propose!

Literally I will help plan out all the "what if's" but a little rain never kill anyone. I will make sure we are in communication throughout the whole process so you feel as confident as possible. I know Colorado weather, traffic, and what if's to help plan out every detail possible for you to make it that much easier.

Rain or shine, we'll make it happen!

We will dig deep on how you would like the experience look and feel for your special someone. From winter to summer we will have so much to go over and lot of great ideas. From horseback riding to skiing down the Aspen slopes , I will help you plan every step of the way to make it as unique as the two of you.

Making it personal

Inquire in the contact page. From there we will go over all the details starting with availability. Weekends are a lot harder as other events take place but in some cases can be doable, but if planning in advance I would look into a weekday proposal if possible. Once a date is figured out we will briefly go over your overall visions and budget. When you are ready to move forward we will set up a 30+ min long phone call to get every detail planned out!

Step One: In depth phone call

what to expect