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Brooke and Max’s Beverly Hills Engagement Session, Malibu Sunset, and the Road to Forever

Embark on a visual journey through Brooke and Max’s enchanting engagement, where timeless elegance and coastal romance converge in Beverly Hills and Malibu. The love story continues to unfold with the promise of a dreamy summer wedding in Aspen at the iconic Hotel Jerome, meticulously curated by the renowned wedding planner, Calluna Events. Explore the highlights and glean inspiration for your own Southern California engagement Session.

Beverly Hills Hotel

Step into the opulence of Brooke and Max’s engagement at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Blvd. Dressed in her favorite blue dress by Nana Jacqueline from Revolve, the couple epitomized classic Hollywood glamour against the backdrop of this historic venue. Consider a venue steeped in history for added elegance and cultural resonance on your special day.

Vintage Vibes on Beverly Hills Streets

Max’s grandfather’s vintage Mercedes added a touch of nostalgia to the engagement session as they glided through the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills. Beyond its classic appeal, the car symbolized a connection to the past, creating timeless moments. Explore the option of incorporating vintage elements into your wedding for a dash of sentimental charm and enduring style.

Malibu’s Golden Hour Magic

Experience the enchanting beauty of Malibu’s golden hour as Brooke and Max chased the sunset along the shores. The warm hues of the sun-kissed ocean provided a stunning backdrop for intimate moments. Consider the allure of a coastal wedding to capture natural beauty and plan your ceremony during the golden hour for a truly magical atmosphere.

Future Plans: Aspen’s Romance with Calluna Events

Anticipate the grandeur of Brooke and Max’s upcoming summer wedding in Aspen at the iconic Hotel Jerome, meticulously orchestrated by the renowned wedding planner, Calluna Events. Stay tuned for more details on how they plan to exchange vows against the breathtaking backdrop of Aspen’s mountainous beauty. Discover the magic that unfolds when timeless elegance meets the expertise of a top-tier wedding planner.

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