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Flora Farms | A Wedding Weekend in Cabo

This magnificent Cabo wedding at Flora Farms was not just a single day affair but a joyous celebration spanning three memorable days. The festivities began with a thrilling catamaran ride on the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean, where the wedding party and guests embarked on a delightful adventure, soaking in the sun and relishing the breathtaking coastal views.

Welcome Party

As the sun began its descent, the festivities continued with a vibrant rehearsal dinner at Javier’s, the best Mexican restaurant nestled within the luxurious Cabo Azul Resort. The evening was a fusion of delectable flavors, lively music, and joyful laughter as everyone indulged in authentic Mexican cuisine and toasted to the forthcoming union for Jessica & Brett.

In the idyllic setting of Cabo’s Flora Farms, a sunny day painted the sky with vibrant hues of pinks and oranges, reflecting the radiant love that filled the air. The bride, adorned in a breathtaking Galia LaHav dress, walked down an aisle lined with blooming flowers, their fragrances intertwining with the warm ocean breeze. The ceremony was accompanied by the melodic tunes of the amazing Kilometro Band, their music weaving a beautiful soundtrack for the occasion. As the day transitioned into a magical evening, the celebration continued with an enchanting al fresco dinner under a canopy of stars, flawlessly organized by the talented planner Isabelle Kline. The tables adorned with delicate floral arrangements and soft candlelight created an atmosphere of intimacy and romance, while the Kilometro Band serenaded guests, filling the night with captivating melodies. Amidst heartfelt toasts and laughter, the newlyweds and their loved ones shared a delectable feast, savoring both the exquisite cuisine and the joyous moments that painted the night with unforgettable memories.

Wedding Day


Planning | Isabelle Kline Design

Florist | Pina Cate

Hair & Makeup | Los Cabos Makeup

Accommodations | Cabo Azul

Rehearsal Dinner | Javier’s Cabo

Band | Kilometro Band

Dress | Galia Lahav

Rentals | Baja Rental Company

Dress Boutique | LWD Bridal

Photography | Jacie Marguerite

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